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Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 6, Issue 2

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This is Not Your Mother’s Terrorism: Social Media, Online Radicalization and the Practice of Political Jamming PDF HTML
Laura Huey
The Arab Awakening and US counterterrorism in the Greater Middle East: A missed opportunity PDF HTML
Eugenio Lilli
Fundamentalism and Terrorism PDF HTML
Cassandra Christina Rausch
Terrorism In Indonesia: A Review On Rehabilitation And Deradicalization PDF HTML
Zora A. Sukabdi
Confronting Islamic Jihadist Movements PDF HTML
M. Afzal Upal
Al Qaida’s Persuasive Devices in the Digital World PDF HTML
Julia E. Wright, Michael Bachmann
Off With Their Heads: The Islamic State and Civilian Beheadings PDF HTML
Steven T. Zech, Zane M. Kelly


Sandra Walklate and Gabe Mythen, Contradictions of Terrorism: Security, Risk and Resilience. London and New York: Routledge 2014. PDF HTML

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In 2010 the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence launched the on-line Journal of Terrorism Research. The aim of this Journal is to provide a space for academics and counter-terrorism professionals to publish work focused on the study of terrorism. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the study of terrorism, high-quality submissions from all academic and professional backgrounds are encouraged. Students are also warmly encouraged to submit work for publication.