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Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 6, Issue 1

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The Use of Structures in Communication Networks to Track Membership in Terrorist Groups PDF HTML
H.A Eiselt, J. Bhadury
Expanding the Paradigm: Countering Violent Extremism in Britain and the Need for a Youth Centric Community Based Approach PDF HTML
Samuel Tyler Powers
The Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Counterterrorism Policies on the PKK-inflicted Violence during the Democratization Process of Turkey PDF HTML
Irfan Ciftci, Sedat Kula


Changing The Rules of War: The Controversies Surrounding the United States’ Expanded Use of Drones PDF HTML
Emanuel Boussios


Warren Chin. Britain and the War on Terror: Policy, Strategy and Operations PDF HTML

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In 2010 the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence launched the on-line Journal of Terrorism Research. The aim of this Journal is to provide a space for academics and counter-terrorism professionals to publish work focused on the study of terrorism. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the study of terrorism, high-quality submissions from all academic and professional backgrounds are encouraged. Students are also warmly encouraged to submit work for publication.