‘Not simply pastor-teacher, but also apostle, prophet and evangelist’: The changing role of the Church of Scotland Parish Minister

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Neil Dougall


Neil Dougall sets out the five leadership roles for ministry in the Church as detailed in Ephesians 4:11, the ministries of: the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the pastor, and the teacher. In the Reformed churches, he reminds us, the pastor and the teacher are regarded as the ordinary, traditional offices, while the apostle, prophet and evangelist are considered to be extraordinary offices of the Church that have now ceased. Dougall argues that this emphasis was, perhaps, historically appropriate for the context of Christendom. There is a growing recognition, however, that a change in the role of the minister is becoming more necessary. Dougall offers a theological rationale for new ministries, developing towards implementation of the ministries of apostle, prophet and evangelist. He concludes by exploring the theology of T. F. Torrance concerning Christ’s High Priesthood, arguing that ministers share in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

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