Còmhraidhean: Doing local theology in Argyll

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Kenneth R. Ross


Còmhraidhean (Gaelic for conversations) was the name chosen by a network of people based in Argyll for the series of meetings they established to help them better engage theologically with their own contemporary context. Their common concern was a commitment to the Christian faith and an awareness that many today have no place for traditional understandings of faith in God or Christian discipleship. The central questions became: how could this disconnect be overcome, and how could a renewed connection be formed between the contemporary world and the realities to which Christian faith bears witness? The themes for their còmhraidhean were: identifying culture and context; faith and friendship; faith in community; faith and the environment; the referenda on Scottish Independence and Brexit; believing in business; faith and national identity; Argyll’s Spiritual Landscape; and faith and the visual arts.

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