For the 24th edition of Aporia and the Feminist Edition we are looking for philosophy essays in a broadly analytic style that:

(1)  Are written by undergraduate students of Philosophy, or people who have recently graduated and have not yet completed a year of postgraduate studies in Philosophy

(2)  Are between 2,000 and 5,000 words long, excluding bibliography and abstract

(3)  Include an abstract of no longer than 300 words

(4)  Are written in Chicago Style with footnotes and a bibliography 

(5)  Anonymised for blind peer-review 

(6)  Submitted as Word Documents 

(7)  Articles should be formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1982-2010). Recent editions (16th or 17th) should be used for clear guidance on referencing electronic media, including websites, blogs, etc.

(8)  Additionally, if you would like your paper to be considered for the Feminist Edition, please inidicate that when you submit. 

Please submit your work by emailing your anonymised Word Document file to by December 31, 2023 by 11:45 PM. 

We invite and strongly encourage submissions from undergraduates at all stages of their degree. Please note that, often, the publication of accepted submissions will be contingent on them undergoing certain revisions. Any questions can also be sent to this address.

We look forward to reading all your submissions.

With best wishes,

The Editors