Epistemic Injustice in the Age of AI

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Martina Sardelli


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising our practices of distributing and producing knowledge. Though promising, these technologies also harbour the potential for corruption - a rising problem in this domain is that of injustice committed against women in the epistemic sphere. In our social framework, being regarded as a credible knower has become synonymous with the potential for self-actualisation: the realisation of one’s potential. As such, the gender bias perpetrated by some AI systems is harming women in this domain. Additionally, biased software is barring them from accessing hermeneutical resources relevant to the understanding of their lived experience. Though still in its infancy, the problem should be urgently addressed by conceptualising ways in which a fairer AI could be engineered. Egalitarian ideas, specifically focused on equality of opportunity, seem to be promising avenues for future research and thought.

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