Dr. Raymond Hinnebusch, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, United Kingdom


Raymond Hinnebusch is Professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, co-founder of the Institute for the study of the Middle East, Central Asian and the Caucasus and Director of the Centre for Syrian Studies. He is the author of The International Relations of the Middle East, Manchester University Press, 2003; The Foreign Policies of Middle East States, edited with A. Ehteshami, Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Press, 2001; Syria, Revolution from Above, Routledge, 2000; The Syrian-Iranian Alliance: Middle Powers in a Penetrated Regional System, with Anoushiravan Ehteshami, Routledge, 1997; Syria and the Middle East Peace Process, with Alasdair Drysdale, Council on Foreign Relations Press, 1991, Egyptian Politics under Sadat (Cambridge 1985); Authoritarian Power and State Formation in Ba`thist Syria: Army, Party and Peasant, Westview Press, 1990; Peasant and Bureaucracy in Ba`thist Syria: The Political Economy of Rural Development, Westview Press, 1989; The Iraq War: Causes and Consequences, co- edited with Rick Fawn, Lynne Rienner Press, 2006; Sovereignty after Empire: Comparing the Middle East and Central Asia, co-edited with Sally Cummings, Edinburgh University Press, 2011. His latest work on Syria is "Syria: from Authoritarian Upgrading to Revolution?" International Affairs, January 2012

Managing Editor

Dr Omar Imady, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews, Syrian Arab Republic 

Omar Imady received his BA from Macalester College, and his MA and PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

In March 1994, he joined the United Nations Development Programme as a National Programme Officer, and in February 2000, he became the Assistant Resident Representative of UNDP Syria. Later, as a UN consultant, he worked with UNDP and IFAD to design and implement a UN sponsored microfinance network in rural Syria.

In July 2004, he joined the Amman, Jordan branch of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) as an associate professor in the College of Arts & Sciences. In 2010, he was appointed the Dean of all NYIT academic programs in Jordan. He remained in this position until July 2012. 

In November 2012, Imady became a Research Fellow at the Centre for Syrian Studies, University of St. Andrews; and, in November 2013, he became the Center's Deputy Director for Outreach & Information Dissemination.

Imady is the author of several books in Arabic and English, including The Rise and Fall of Muslim Civil Society; When You're Shoved from the Right, Look to Your Left; and The Gospel of Damascus.

Presently, Imady is undertaking research on modern Syrian history, and is working on several new book projects, including a novel (The Fear of Being Fearless), and a study of the historical context for the Syrian uprising.