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  • The Heretic

    This is a journal run by Divinity Undergraduates for Divinity Undergraduates in the University of St Andrews to discuss ideas, topics, and even academic publications pertaining to Divinity.

    This Journal publishes short articles by you and will be reviewed by our team of Undergraduate reviewers. This Journal gives you the opportunity to practice writing for the public domain, to flesh out ideas and opinions and have them challenged by a peer, something as Undergraduates we don’t usually get to do.


  • St Andrews Law Journal

    The St Andrews Law Journal is a student led publication, our work comprising a variety of investigations into historic and contemporary matters within law and legal culture. We operate an editorial double-blind peer-review, and our published by the Institute of Legal and Constitutional Research, University of St Andrews. The Law Journal asks contributors to write an investigation of something they are genuinely interested in exploring, whether it be of academic or more casual focus, and placing that topic within a legal context: what are the laws governing the issue?; how has the evolution - or degradation - of this interest impacted the wider world, or demographics, specifically? Our editors are here to help guide contributors on elaborating on the pressing and passive legal considerations, doing so - we hope - will make law a more interesting and accessible subject for both our writers and readers.

  • Frames Cinema Journal

    Established in 2012, Frames Cinema Journal is an annual, peer reviewed, online academic journal which aims to provide a space for trailblazing research by scholars of film, media and screen studies. 

  • Bible and the Contemporary World

    The journal is the official publication of the M.Litt. “Bible and the Contemporary World” programme at the University of St Andrews. As such, the journal addresses a number of themes that reflect important aspects of our contemporary world and about which various Christian traditions have something to say, as well as how social, political or cultural issues shape the way that Christians interpret their own tradition.

  • Ethnographic Encounters

    As a student-run academic journal affiliated with the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews, Ethnographic Encounters explores student ethnographic work across different forms and disciplines, while retaining its founding dedication to publishing outstanding coursework from the second-year anthropology module of the same name.

  • Aporia

    Aporia is an established undergraduate Philosophy journal that has been published by the University of St Andrews Philosophy Society since 2007. We publish top-quality work in analytic philosophy written by undergraduates from across the world. 

    "Aporia" stands for philosophical puzzlement, and Plato's dialogues are called "aporetic" since they often end with the interlocutor finding himself confused about the meaning of a concept that he had previously thought he knew, like virtue or courage.

  • North Street Review: Arts and Visual Culture

    The North Street Review is a peer-reviewed annual publication for original and innovative postgraduate scholarship in the field of art history. Founded as Inferno in 1994, and published as the St Andrews Journal of Art History and Museum Studies from 2009-2013, the North Street Review publishes essays representing the diverse approaches to all facets of art history both within the University of St. Andrews, the United Kingdom, and abroad.


    The North Street Review is now online only, and has been re-launched on a new platform. The latest volumes can be accessed at https://northstreetreview.wordpress.com/
    Back issues will continue to be available at this site.

  • The St Andrews Africa Summit Review

    The SAASUM Review is the editorial arm of the St Andrews Africa Summit. We are a student-led publication, aiming to advance discussion about African affairs among the St Andrews community and beyond.

  • Yearbook in Cosmopolitan Studies

    An annual review of work in the field of Cosmopolitan Studies. Editor-in-Chief: Huon Wardle.

  • Journal of Sustainability

    A publication of distinguished undergraduate research under the scope of social, economic, political and technological issues (both contemporary and historical) within the framework of the environment, sustainability and development.

  • Syria Studies

    Welcome to Syria Studies, the official online journal of the Centre for Syrian Studies (CSS) at the University of St. Andrews. Syria Studies is a peer reviewed and indexed journal that has previously been published in hard form. We are proud to include on our Board of Reviewers some of the most renowned authorities on Syria.

    The aim of Syria Studies is to provide a space for scholars and students to publish work focused on the study of modern and contemporary Syria (history, politics, economy, & society). Given the interdisciplinary nature of Syria Studies, high-quality submissions from various academic and professional backgrounds are encouraged. -- Raymond Hinnebusch, Director of CSS

  • Theology in Scotland

    Theology in Scotland is a journal of theology which is general in scope, but which is rooted in the Scottish theological tradition. Founded in 1994, the journal is published in print and online twice a year, in spring and autumn.

    The journal  publishes articles and book reviews from authors from across the theological spectrum, and particularly welcomes submissions which focus on aspects of Scottish theology. To date, contributions have included: studies of the work of prominent Scottish theologians; responses to current issues in the Scottish church and nation; and aspects of Scottish church history. At the moment, journal issues are arranged thematically.

  • Convocamus

    Convocamus is an inter-faith publication providing a platform for scholarly dialogue.

  • Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature

    AMPAL is a yearly international conference which brings together post-graduates from various disciplines within Classics to present and discuss their research in a friendly and informal atmosphere. AMPAL 2013 was hosted at St Andrews by the Postgraduates of the School of Classics. The theme was “Discovering the Unreal” in ancient literature. This publication collects the papers from this conference.