After two years of extra ordinem, our journal continues to explore diverse ways of representing ethnographic experience from the field with a renewed spirit of openness. This year, we open our submissions to undergraduate and postgraduate students from all disciplines within and beyond the University of St Andrews. This will create a space for interdisciplinary exploration of the broadest meaning of being 'ethnographic', both as a mode of doing qualitative research and as a mode of representing results from that research. So long as you consider that your work can contribute to the genre of ethnography, we welcome diverse forms of submissions including creative writing, poetry, audio-visual production and photography alongside academic articles.

Submission Requirements for this year: 1. You must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student; 2. Your submission should represent or reflect your personal fieldwork experience. As we explore the diverse ways of being 'ethnographic', your submissions can be theoretically or methodologically orientated; 3. For submission in article forms: the word limit is 3000 words, and the format should follow JRAI guidelines:; 4. For submission in non-article forms: a brief explanation of your motif is necessary for review and editorial purposes; 5. If your submission (in article or non-article form) is based on your SA2002 'Ethnographic Encounters' coursework at the University of St Andrews, please make a note in your submission email as we may publish SA2002-based submissions in a separate issue.

Deadlines: We are going to experiment with multiple rounds of submission deadlines this academic year. The first submission deadline is 16th October 2022, at 11:59 PM.