2018 Ethnographic Encounters release


We are proud to announce the release of our 2018 volume of Ethnographic Encounters! It features twelve ethnographic research essays of a variety of fascinating topics from last year's second year students. Thank you and congratulations to all of our contributors! 

2018-2018 Editorial Team


We are pleased to announce our 2018-2018 Editorial Team! Last year's editors Rikke Møller Nedergaard and Luke McGinty will be taking over as co-Editors-in-Chief. The Editorial Team consists of Katherine Moulton as Director of Printing and Editor, Lucy Sprague as Events Manager and Printing Associate & Editor, Emily Lomax as Events Manager and Editor, Louisa McCullough as Creative Manager and Editor, Verity Mckeown as Creative Manager and Editor, and Christina Hähnel Abou Chalache as Social Media Manager and Editor. Everyone is anxious to work in their roles for what will surely be an exciting year for the magazine. 

New Mini-Issue: Dissertation Pieces


Announcing the release of our latest Ethnographic Encounters Mini-Issue: Dissertation Pieces, featuring extracts from our 4th year students' dissertation projects! Please find the new issue below and our previous issues under the 'Archive' tab above. We are very pleased with the outcome of this publication and send many thanks to all the contributors!

New ‘Inspired By EE’ mini-issue!


Announcing the release of our latest Inspired By Ethnographic Encounters mini-issue, and with it, a short film of the SA2002 Art Installation! Please find the new issue below and our previous issues under the 'Archive' tab above. We are very pleased with the outcome of this publication and send many thanks to all the contributors!

Presenting, our new Editorial Team of 2015/16


Welcome to our new sub-editors: Talia, Alex, Lucy, and Devon! Imogen, an editor from last year, is taking over as Editor-in-Chief. Everyone is very excited to begin working on the next issue


Call for submissions: 'Food for Thought: The Homesick Student's Cookbook'


We are currently opening submissions for our latest issue: 'Food for thought: The Homesick Student's Cookbook'. Submissions consist of:

- a photograph of the meal you prepare when you think of 'comfort food' or home. This does not have to look fantastic, so please do not let such concerns prevent you from taking part. My own comfort food is rice soup, which could not look more unappealing.

- a short caption explaining the significance of the dish.

- the recipe.

There are no limits to the number of submissions you can make, however the deadline is Sunday the 15th of March at midnight to encounters@st-andrews.ac.uk.

Hoping to hear from lots of you!

Latest issue of Ethnographic Encounters


Issue 5 is now live and includes nine of the class of 2016's ethnographic encounters as well as two of the class of 2015. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Launching 'Inspired by Ethnographic Encounters'


The Editorial Team of Ethnographic Encounters is proud to announce the release of the newest section of the journal, 'Inspired by Ethnographic Encounters', and to also share the work of Revista Habitus.



Welcome to a new volume!


Ethnograhic Encounters is proud to present the first issue of this academic year. You can access this new volume by clicking on the 'Current' tab, found on the masthead of this website.

Ethnographic Encounters: End of Year Issue


The new Editorial Team of the Ethnographic Encounters Journal is proud to launch its first End of Year Issue. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the authors; readers will undoubtedly be inspired by the fantastic selection of ideas that these diverse and compelling ethnographies have to offer.

A new Volume of Ethnographic Encounters will be released after the summer season.

Ethnographic Encounters is Ready to Launch!


Introducing St Andrews' new student journal of social anthropology! Our first edition will go live online Friday 2 March 2012, followed by a launch party on Saturday 3 March 2012. Check back on Friday for the first issue, and in the meantime find us on facebook at Ethnographic Encounters for more details about the launch.