Vol. 13 (2009)

The Inferno journal has been renamed the St Andrews Journal of Art History and Museum Studies. While maintaining its mission to publish original research conducted by postgraduate students from the UK and abroad, this 13th volume represents a renewed commitment to communicating innovative works of interest to St Andrews School of Art History postgraduates.

Vol. 12

Volume 12 (Inferno) is dedicated to two student conferences held at the University of St Andrews in 2007. It consists of a series of articles which illustrate the broad range of subjects discussed in the Association of Art Historians' Student Summer Symposium themed "Art and Power", and the post-graduate conference "Painting the Stage: Examining the interrelationship of painting and the performing arts. Theatricality and European Art c.1700 - c.2000".

Vol. 11

Vol. 9 (2004)

Volume 9 (Inferno) is devoted to the visual culture of South Eastern Europe.

Autumn 2003
Vol. 8

Volume 8 (Inferno) is devoted to the visual culture of the Scandinavian and Baltic region.

Spring 2003
Vol. 7

Volume 7 (Inferno) is devoted to the visual culture of Poland and Eastern Europe. This issue was sponsored by The Sikorski Polish Club and the Scottish Polish Cultural Association

Vol. 5