We are pleased to present VOL 11, NO 2, Post-Uprising Excavations. This issue of Syria Studies includes three articles: “UN Mediation in the Syrian Crisis: From Kofi Annan Through Lakhdar Brahimi To Staffan De Mistura” by I William Zartman; “Palestinians in the Syrian Uprising: The Situation on the Ground” by Ashraf Mousa; and “No Temple in Palmyra!  Opposing the Reconstruction of the Temple of Bel” by Andreas Schmidt-Colinet.          

Nine years after the Uprising began in Syria, historians and political analysts are embarking on what might be called ‘excavations,’ or a deeper introspection into the forces at work during these past nine years, and how the current status quo is reflective of the way in which these forces reinforced or cancelled out each other. In this issue of Syria Studies, examples of this intricate analytic process are provided by an array of distinguished, and emerging scholars.

Published: 2020-04-22


Omar Imady


No temple in Palmyra!

Andreas Schmidt-Colinet



Andreas Schmidt-Colinet